Volkano Stream Series Pro USB Microphone

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The Volkano Stream Series Microphone is the ideal choice for recording your voice. Whether you are livestreaming, podcasting, recording musical performances or voiceovers, the Stream Series Pro has features ideal for home and studio use.

This versatile microphone can switch between cardioid mode for single-person recordings and omnidirectional mode for conference calls or multi-person recording.

Smart Rotary Control

Rotate knob to the left for Cardioid Mode, for solo use.

Rotate knob to the middle to mute input.

Rotate knob to the right for Omnidirectional Mode, for groups.

Plug & Play with USB Type-C technology means you will be up and running in no time, and the built-in aux output means zero latency monitoring through a pair of headphones.

Use the included desk stand, or connect the Stream Series Microphone to a mic stand via the universal connector. Go pro, with the Volkano Stream Series Pro USB Microphone!

Technical Specifications

Power Rating:5 V DC 500 mA USB Type-C
Sample Rate:48 kHz
Bit Rate:16 Bit
Capsules:1 × 16 mm + 1 × 9 mm condenser
Frequency Response:20 Hz – 20 kHz
Sensitivity:128 dB
Analogue Output:3.5 mm, 180 mW, 16 Ω
Weight:705 g (with stand)

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