Smart Series

Anti-Theft Backpack


  • black
  • camo
  • pink

Your belongings are important to you when travelling; you don’t want to worry about any tampering or pickpockets. Each compartment features the latest in anti-pick-pocketing technology. A hidden zipper keeps prying hands away from opening your backpack, allowing you to enjoy the surroundings and those special moments you want to focus on.

An external USB port and internal USB cable allows you to store a power bank on the inside of your bag to connect to your device on the outside. You don’t need to have any open compartments that regular backpacks would normally require.

It’s not just good-looking and functional; the Volkano Smart Series Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack also features comfortable, padded, adjustable straps. Feel confident that your comfort is also taken care of, especially in periods of longer wear.


Available At :

Black : TakeALot | Makro
Charcoal : TakeALot | Makro | Jumia
Cammo : TakeALot | Makro | Jumia
Pink : TakeALot | Makro

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