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Laptop Sleeve

PRODUCT CODE: VK-7020-BK14.1 | VK-7020-BK15.6

  • Perfect for smaller laptops or tablets.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry, you won’t notice any added extra weight at all.
  • Compact protection to protect your investment.
  • Make a fashion statement. Why stay ordinary? Let this laptop sleeve extend your style.

A laptop or tablet is a significant investment and a laptop or tablet in a mobile environment is susceptible to any number of unfortunate accidents such as drops, falls, liquids, scratches.. This great modern yet elegant professional designed laptop sleeve safeguards your laptop and accessories from any unwanted bumps, scrapes and knocks, which may result in damage to your device.


Available At :

13.3″ : TakeALot | Jumia
14.1″ : TakeALot | Makro
15.6″ : TakeALot | Jumia

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