Precision Drive Series

Steering Wheel


  • Wired 10″ Racing Wheel for PS3/PS4/PC/Xbox One/Xbox 360/Nintendo Switch
  • Sensitivity adjustable for hyper realistic racing
  • Wheel-mounted sequential gearbox with 2 sport-style digital paddle shifters
  • Spring loaded pedals
  • Re-programmable buttons

Race to Win with the Precision Drive Series. Made with roller bearing wheels for ultimate smoothness and durability. Sensitivity adjustable with three settings to adapt to different driving styles. The pedals are spring loaded to provide a more realistic racing experience. The Re-programmable buttons can be adapted to all types of games. Compatible with the PS3/PS4/PC/Xbox One/Xbox 360/Nintendo Switch


  • Home button for setting on PS3/PS4/PS5/XBOX One/XBOX X console;
  • Four channel LED indicators when playing PS3;
  • Support Windows VISTA/7/8/10
  • With X-input/D-input function for PC,
  • With four buttons 8 direction analog D-pad: up, down, left, right, and four 45 degree angles
  • With eight analog buttons: X/2A, ○/3/B, △/4/Y, □/1/X, R1/6/RB, R2/8/RT, L1/5/LB, and L2/7/LT.
  • With four digital buttons:OPTIONS /10/menu,SHARE/9/view,L3/11/SL,R3/12/SR;
  • Eight buttons with relocation feature: R-wing, L-wing, brake pedal, accelerator pedal, L3, R3, Gear Stick (L2/7/LB, R2/8/RT);
  • When playing with PS4/5/XBOX ONE/X, need to connect to original PS4/5/XBOX One/X controller as a key to establish the connection.
  • 180 degree turning angles
  • Sensitivity adjustable with three sections to adapt to different driving racing game.
  • Spring loaded accelerating pedals provide a more realistic racing experience.


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