Insta Series

Home Vlogging Kit with Microphone Holder


  • Adjustable Mobile Phone Holder fits any phone width up to 6.2”
  • The 9cm Ring Light helps improve your lighting conditions.
  • Includes a Microphone Holder, Pop Filter, and Vibration Damper
  • Ideal for Vlogging and Streaming
  • USB Powered by any USB wall charger, powerbank, or any other USB power outlet.
  • True mobility on the go!
  • 9cm LED Ring Light
  • Flexible Goose-neck Arms for positioning your light and phone.

The Volkano Insta Series Home Vlogging Kit has a 9cm Right Light and allows you to adjust the brightness and colour temperature to get that ultimate video or photograph experience. It’s ideal for use during meetings, video calls, vlogging and for streaming. Look flawless in your selfies, tik-toks, broadcasts – no matter what the external lighting situation is. The included pop filter will improve vocal clarity and eliminate those harsh sounds, while the Vibration Damper will stabilise your microphone and avoid nasty bumps. Ensure you’re’ always in frame with the flexible goose-neck phone holder and position your phone to the perfect height and angle. Start your vlogging experience today with the Insta Series Home Vlogging Kit.


  • 12 inch selfie fill light with tripod and phone clip
  • Power Supply: USB Cable
  • Voltage: 5 V Power: 15W LED
  • LED Colour temperature: 3200K – 6500 K
  • Brightness: > = 4800 LUX
  • Tripod length: 180 cm (Max)
  • Folded length: 35 cm
  • USB Cable length: 2.9 m
  • Light colours: White + Yellow + Mixed light 9 brightness levels


Available At: Jumia


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