Diva Series


PRODUCT CODE: VK-7036-AZ | VK-7036-CR | VK-7036-GC | VK-7036-GM | VK-7036-NZ | VK-7063-CBL | VK-7063-BL | VK-7063-OL | VK-7063-PK

A fun and practical backpack for those who need to be the center of attention.

It’s inner plastic lining means that the Diva Series Backpack will withstand a few drops of water keeping your books and other goodies dry. *

With one external compartment perfect for carrying a lunch or pencil box, it has a large inner compartment with filing seperator for your books, notepads and laptop.

The adjustable padded shoulder pads and reinforced back make this bag comfortable for wear.

*Splash resistant, please do not submerge the bag in water or leave exposed to water for extended periods

  • Splash Proof
  • Two Zippered Compartments
  • Padded backing and carry straps for longer periods of wear
  • Padded adjustable shoulder straps


Available At :

Pink Marble : TakeALot | Makro
Checkered Blue : TakeALot | Makro | Jumia
Olive : TakeALot | Makro | Jumia
Stripes : Makro | Jumia
Navy Aztec : TakeALot | Makro | Jumia
Grey Cammo : Makro
Cherrys : Makro
Aztec : TakeALot | Makro
Tropical Blue : TakeALot | Makro | Jumia

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Technical Specs

Padded Backing




Shoulder Straps

Padded, Adjustable

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