Volkano Active 6-Piece Adjustable Weight Set

Set your own limits with this fully customizable weight set.


Set the perfect weight, from starting out small and progressing up to 20kg or 44 lbs. It only takes a few seconds to adjust to the required weight. Whether you are a rookie or a fitness expert, you can perform a variety of different weight lifting exercise. Great for all standing shoulder presses, curling, calf raises, squats, dead lifting, bench presses, wrist curls, alternate dumbbell presses, side bends, tricep stretches and so much more! The Volkano Active Adjustable Dumbbell and Kettle bell Set is everything you need to develop muscle tone and get ripped at home.

Features and Befits: 

  • Customize your own weight
  • Perfect for all fitness levels
  • Quick and easy to change
  • 20 Kg Interchangeable weights
  • Converts from Dumbbells, Kettle Bells and Barbells
  • Soft Hand Grips

Included in Pack:

  • 6 sets weights
  • 2x curling bars
  • 1x padded barbell bar
  • 2x 2-in-1 push up bar / kettlebell handles and kettlebell stack bar
  • Instruction Manual


Available At : Makro | Jumia | Zando

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